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Price Ranges

Costs of basements depend on whether you are building a new addition to an existing home or if it’s part of a new construction. A new addition to an existing home costs anywhere from $30,000-$70,000. As for a basement part of a new home construction you can expect costs to be anywhere between $35,000 and $175,000.

The Possibilities are Endless

An extra living room, that game room you always wanted, a wine cellar, a mini cinema, the possibilities are endless for a basement. Building a basement provides you with more living space, utility and value for money. Investing in your home means investing in you and your family’s future.

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Get Involved With Your Contractors

Different types of basements can be built with each type being adaptable to a certain home’s structure and environment. The slope of your home base, “water tables” in your home’s proximity, and the quality of your home’s foundation are important factors to be considered before planning to dig out a basement. After careful planning, your contractors will work around any obstacles that may stand in the way of realizing your project. If need be excavation or blasting are two extreme measures that they will take on your say so. Your contractors will give you a complete understanding of the project before moving forward to avoid any damages.

Take Advantage of More Living Space

Basements add to the value, utility, living space, and multipurpose use of your home. One storey house owners can expect up to 100% more floor area when building a basement, and up to 50% of a two storey house. Fitting your house with a basement is more affordable than moving, and can be more cost-effective. If you want to move because of a growing family, then building a basement can accommodate to those new needs as they are very adaptable.

Many homeowners take advantage of their basements by leasing it to college students and the like. Walk-up basements and daylight basements are the best choices for homeowners seeking to lease their new living space, as these two types come with a separate door from the main floor, unlike look-out basements which have to be exited through the main floor.

Basements improve insulation because they maintain your home’s temperature and thermal efficiency by about 10% long after your coolers/heaters have been turned off. Plumbing pipes are much easier to access in basements rather than through a slab when repairs or replacements are needed. Basements can house lavatories and extra storage space that meets the needs of your home. Daylight style basements in particular can house a garage and a second driveway.

Better Be Safe than Sorry

If hurricanes are frequent in your area, your basement can be built to withstand heavy wind and ensure your family’s safety. Wine enthusiasts can expect to get more utility per dollar as wine cellars historically shelter homeowners from hurricanes and bad weather.

Five Benefits of Owning a Basement:
Control & Efficiency: Basements maintain your home’s thermal efficiency and insulation. More Storage & Living Space: Increase your home’s floor space by 25%-100%. See constant returns: Take advantage of your basement and lease your new living space. Adaptability: Your basement can accommodate almost any style as any other room in your home. Safety: Guarantee your family’s safety if your area sees frequent events of hurricanes.