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Real Time Control

Controlling the thermostat and lighting remotely gives you the ability to improve your home’s energy efficiency, but more importantly to turn the lights on to make your home look inhabited to deter burglars. Home security controlled wirelessly via smart phone or tablet can make control of your home appliances and home monitoring very easy.

FBI 2014 Crime Estimates

There were almost 8.3 million property crimes in America reported by law enforcement in 2014. The accumulated losses suffered by victims were worth $14.3 billion. 8.3% of them were motor vehicle thefts, 20.9% were burglary, and 70.8% accounted for larceny-theft.

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On-Call Medical Assistance

Typically this service is preferred by homeowners with elderly parents, or parents to a handicapped child. Emergency units are sent to your home immediately by the pull of a chord of push of a button. If one of your family members is handicapped, senior, or a person that requires assistance then wireless security can eliminate their need for a guardian, at least temporarily while you’re at work or on your way home. If your children come back from school and have lost their key, you can use your smart phone or tablet to unlock the door to your house remotely and grant your children quick and safe access. If your senior has medical problems your home security system can help in monitoring his whereabouts and in giving you some peace of mind. It is many folds better to have a security system and not need it than need it and not have it.

Protect Your Neighborhood

A security system deters burglars from targeting your home, as well as the homes of your neighbors. Cameras in your backyard monitoring your fences can give burglars the impression that they are at high risk of being caught. It encourages your neighbors to get on board and improve the overall security of your whole neighborhood, lessening the chance of burglar intrusions even more.

Protect Your Possessions

Homes without a security system are 2.7 times more likely to be targeted by burglars, which proves that security systems substantially and actively protects you, your family, and your possessions from intruders. Even when a home security system does deter burglars, it can capture and record the intruders in the act, increasing the likelihood for law enforcement to catch them and return your belongings.

Protection from Fires

In the case of a fire, smart heat detectors can notify and detect the position of a fire source and even rate its potential threat level, saving you valuable minutes of escape and safety, and it makes the job for firemen easier as the source of the fire is already known, increasing your chance for retrieving your belongings and securing your family’s safety.

Five Benefits of Home Security Systems:
More for Less: You can expect to receive a discount of 10%-20% on homeowners insurance when you install a home security system. Control: Choose when and where to activate the heating and lighting in your home remotely. Automation: You can easily set your home security system to automatically turn certain lights and home appliances at the times of your choice throughout the day. Medical Assistance: On-call emergency units quickly dispatched to your home when needed. Safety: Home security protects you and your family from burglars and fires.