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What Factors in to Roofing

Whether you’re trying to renovate your home with a new look or building your dream home, deciding the perfect type of roofing design and material rests on your familiarity with the weight the roof will have on your home structure, cost, roof longevity, roof style, roof efficiency, roof maintenance and your area’s climate.

Durability, Life, and Price Range

If you live in a hot climate, shingles in general help to reflect sunlight, saving you from air conditioning costs, and they can be nailed to your roof to fasten them against wind damage. Depending on the material, roof shingles can cost $75-$2,000 per hundred square feet, and can last anywhere between 15 to 75 years

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Three Roofing Materials in Brief

Asphalt shingles are the cheapest and most popular choice in America, and the easiest to install against your roof no matter the style, they cost $75-$125 per hundred square feet, and last anywhere between 15-20 years depending on maintenance.

Wood shake or shingles are affordable, beautiful and resist strong winds. They are moderately priced at $350-$450 per hundred square feet and last from 15-25 years, unless you choose a hardwood, such as redwood or cedar, which could last 30-50 years.

Slate shingles are the most expensive and long lasting type of roofing material, costing from $1,100-$2,000 per hundred square feet, they last more than 75 years. Slate is beautiful and durable because it’s made out of sedimentary rock which naturally has these two qualities. Up close slate is rich in detail and strength, from afar its tiles look like a mosaic of different shades of the same color, perfect for a timeless, wind and fire resistant, secure family home.

Three Roof Designs in Brief

Roof designs vary aesthetically of course, but particular shapes differ in being more ideal than others to cope with the particular local environment like changing weather conditions, for instance: a flat vertical surface might be quick to fend off rain water from pooling or leaking but it may not be ideal in places where it’s very windy as it may act like a sail and become a liability to your home.

Gable roof is the most popular roof style in the U.S. They're most commonly recognized by their triangular form. Gable roofs easily shed water and snow, provide enough space for an attic or domed ceilings and permit sufficient ventilation. Their straight forward style make them simple to build and cheaper than a lot of other complex styles.

Flat roofs can be the most inexpensive, efficient, accommodating and low-maintenance design. They’re not exactly flat as they have a minute pitch to them to help in draining water run-off. One major advantage of a flat roof is you can gain more outdoor living space within your home structure, if you have little front and backyard space then flat roofs are ideal for you. They can also be used for storing heating and cooling units for your home, perfect for central air conditioning units.

Shed roofs are a very cost effective choice for homeowners because they increase indoor living space by 50%-100%, making them ideal for you if you’re seeking to optimize your home’s potential to the fullest. Their utility ranges from extra living space to shading.

Five Quick Tips about Roofing:
Some roof shapes and materials are better than others against changing weather conditions. The more complex the roof design the higher the cost. Remember that different roofing materials have different maintenance requirements. Consult with a roofing inspector to find out if your home structure can hold the weight of your new roof.