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How Does Solar Energy Work?

The alternating electrical current that’s powering your home comes from your inverter, where its job is to store the direct electric current coming from your panels in battery backups, or convert it into the alternating electrical current which you use to power your home.

Price Range

The cost of the solar panels largely depends on your energy consumption which will determine their sizes. If your monthly energy consumption is around 275-480 kWh then your panels will cost you $3,000-$7,250. $7,500-$11,000 are enough for 480-785 kWh panels, $11,250-$21,500 for 980-1,600 kWh panels, and $22,500-$34,500 can afford you 1,950-2,600 kWh solar panels.

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Inform Yourself

The frequency of cloud formation in your area, your home’s power consumption, the size and price of the unit, and the strength of your roofing structure are a few things that need to be factored into your decision on solar powering your home. It is better to ask your installers if anything will deter your home’s energy generation throughout the year.

Say Goodbye to Energy Bills

Solar panels pay for themselves because they reduce or eliminate your energy bills, and the larger your installation the closer to $0 your energy bills will be. The more expensive the energy bills in your state are, the larger the dividends you’ll see in return upon installation. A 2011 study measured the cost of going solar in Arizona to be $14,588, against its average 20-year savings which were $32,979, and in states like California the cost was $10,192 versus $34,260, New York’s solar costs were $9,856 and its average 20-year savings amounted to $31,166, and finally Hawaii dwarfed all other states with $51,951 worth of savings. As solar energy is becoming more affordable you can expect this gap to widen and save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.

“Selling” Excess Energy

If your area never rarely runs out of sunlight you can take advantage of solar panels to feed excess energy back into the power grid, or “selling” it to your local power company, marking a trend that will eventually have you making a profit.

Solar panels are virtually maintenance free and are not intrusive practically or aesthetically. Warranties on workmanship vary depending on your contract, but the components themselves hold warranties anywhere between 12 and 25 years, depending on their manufacturer.

Raise the Asking Price of Your Home

Solar energy is the single most cost-effective investment you could make for your home. The more you invest and remodel your home the higher the asking price you can get if you plan to sell it down the road. While remodeling your kitchen can see up to 60% of returns, solar energy can see returns of up to 100%.


You will never be at risk from a power outage because solar panels do not just produce energy, they store it to be used in case of emergencies or days of insufficient sunlight. If your area has inconsistent sunlight special batteries can be used to store more energy to secure your home energy needs.

Five Benefits of Solar Powering Your Home:
Save money by 50%-100% on energy bills. Take advantage of your latent energy, and sell it to your energy company for a check! Raise the minimum asking price for your home and insure your family’s future. Charging your battery backups can power your home, even on cloudy days. Secure your home’s energy needs from any power outages.