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No Damage Done to Your House

There is no need for a specialist to damage any block level of your staircase upon installation, the seat height is adjustable and can be locked on to an optimal height that best suits your dimensions. Straight rail stair lifts in particular are the cheapest choice and are quick and easy to build.

Prices May Vary

The cost of a stair lift depends on the kind of chair you choose (premium or economic), the length and curvature of your staircase, and the man hours put in to build it. A curved staircase lifts cost around $10,000 more than a straight stair case lift because it requires planning and more precise measurements.

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How Do They Work?

Stair lifts are characterized by a seat or carriage that moves up and down a rail attached to the tread of a series of stairs, or mounted to the wall adjacent to them. Different stair lifts have different strengths and so acquiring one depends on your own personal needs and preferences. Your condition, weight and mobility is what you need to consider when making the decision to get one because it's best to have one that meets all your measurements and dimensions for your comfort and ease of use. The stair lift improves your independence and self-reliance and could eliminate the need for a guardian.

Detachable and Fixed Stair Lifts

Detachable and fixed stair lifts both have different uses according to the user's needs. The detachable stair lift is most useful to you if you have trouble getting in and out of a wheelchair. A simple lock mechanism behind the backrest attaches your chair to the motor that will carry you up and down the rail. The most widely used stair lift might interest you if you don't have much trouble moving from chair to chair. These two kinds of stair lifts can move along a curved rail as well.

Battery Powered vs. Electric

The advantages of a battery powered stair lift are that it will still operate during a power outage, less money is spent on electricity, and most batteries come with manufacturer warranties. Electric stair lifts on the other hand will have a constant source of energy, no need to change batteries, and can come with battery back-ups in case of a power outage and you're not left stranded. If electricity bills are not an issue for you, and you're weary of the event of a power outage, having an electric stair lift with a back-up battery is the best choice for you.

Premium vs. Economy Chairs

Premium chairs differ in that they provide customizability and features like power seat turning, automatic rails that work with weight activated sensors, and a foot rest that folds with the push of a button at your convenience. Another advantage is that they blend in with your home decor, a leather trim backrest for example can blend in with your living room’s leather sofa. Economy chairs on the other hand are less expensive and they incorporate the basic safety features that meet your needs and they are easily built in the matter of a day.

Five Benefits of Stair Lifts:
Quick Installation: Straight rail stair lifts are quick and easy to build in your home. Individuality: Premium chairs let you customize your stair lift to blend in with your home decor. Independence: Stair lifts can eliminate your need for a guardian. Convenience: Detachable chairs eliminate your need to get up from chair to chair. Safety: You won’t be stranded in a battery powered stair lift in case of a power outage.