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Home Energy Efficient

Home windows can incorporate the style of any room in your house in terms of shape, material and color. They help in making your home more energy efficient and are easily utilized to control your home’s energy efficiency. Windows help homeowners in controlling levels of humidity, dryness, indoor temperature, light exposure, privacy and security.

Low Maintenance & Durability

One advantage of home windows is that they’re long lasting, easy to clean, and require very little maintenance. Air circulation, lighting, security, practical space and gardening are features that homeowners can gain from the various types of home windows.

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Improve Your Home’s Insulation

Supplanting windows with dual-pane increases the value of your home because they improve your home’s security and lowering you energy costs. They are great insulators because of the double layer of glass but also the gap in between is filled with Argon – a gas – which acts as another insulation layer because of its low thermal conductivity.

The Different Types of Home Windows

Awning windows are an excellent choice for you if it rains regularly in your area, because their hinges are at the top and opens from the bottom part of the frame, they block rainfall from entering your home and ruining your carpet and furniture.

Hopper windows hinge from the bottom and they open from the top. Some hopper windows incorporate a tilt and turn feature to let you improve the air circulation in your home. They are most popular in living rooms because of their elegant appearance, and if they open inward the exterior glass can easily be cleaned from the inside.

Sliding windows offer more work space because they don’t swing outward or inward, allowing a larger opening to the outside of your home.

Fixed windows don’t open or close, but they are most useful in cold environments, which is why some of them are fitted with double panes trapping a special gas that helps in the insulation or warming process of your home. They can be large in size to bring in more sunlight and to give way to the wilderness, beach, or your backyard within its frame like a work of art, which is why they are sometimes called picture windows.

Double-hung windows improve air circulation in your home and are a great choice for rooms facing patios, porches or walkways.

Casement windows are different from sliding and double-hung windows in that they have no rail and they open outward like a door. These windows save work space like sliders and are perfect for places like over the kitchen sink or a study desk.

Garden windows are all about light control and beauty. They are characterized by a box like shape that hangs beyond the siding of your home, the reason for this is to trap sunlight within its dimensions for indoor plants to flourish, which is why most of these windows come with a rack built in to support your homegrown gardening. Garden windows give your house an organic appearance from the outside, and a refreshing look from the inside, fitting them in your kitchen makes your early morning breakfast more enjoyable and they increase the asking price of your home.

The Three Home Window Frames

Vinyl window frames won’t lose color or corrode and they are the most cost effective because they’re inexpensive. Wooden frames are the most visually appealing choice because of their rich textures, they are more expensive than their vinyl counterpart but they are the best insulators. Aluminum are the most expensive choice but they’re popular because of their manufacturing flexibility in taking on any shape and size more easily, and their durability.

Five Benefits of Home Windows:
Efficiency: Windows lower your energy costs though simple methods like insulation and air circulation. Durability: Windows are long lasting and require very little maintenance. Beauty: Picture windows can capture your stunning outdoor views. Optimization: Window designs of your choice can be large in size without compromising your work space. Indoor gardening: Garden windows help your homegrown plants grow and thrive.